Monday, May 31, 2010

Yeah, about the drinking ...

 So I guess every one of you guys has been drunk at least once in his life. But I don't mean a little drunk, I mean so drunk that you couldn't count how many times you puked. And yet you remember .. most of the things. Let me tell you something about being drunk - DON'T EVER DO THAT (again).
  First of all why do you do it? Just for fun, to forget, to drown the pain? Yeah ok, drink, it's natural and common, but don't get drunk. I know you have a good reason, everybody does (well except the alcoholics, but that's another story). I usually do it to drown the pain .. unsuccessfully,the only think that go under water is my dinner (or the last thing I had). 
  Another thing is that you embarrass yourself in front of your friends, and sometimes even some strangers. You do stupid stuff - like trying to lit a candle, which falls on you, and everyone get nervous, 'cuz maybe you would set them on fire. Or kiss your ex, or even having sex with him. Which you will regret later, I know. Sleeping randomly with some strangers. Puking on the floor. Falling. And my personal specialty - getting depressed and crying, without stopping. 
  Then you puke.
  Then you make full of yourself again. 
  Then you puke ... again ... and again ..
 ... and again ..
 and then you fall asleep on the toilet sit. 

Haha so drink, but don't get drunk it's my suggestion *wink* 

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