Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In my head

   I was making some thinking and I decided to share my thoughts with you...
   So have you ever watched a movie or series and thought "damn that girl/boy is just like me". Well I have. I think I'm much alike with Brook Davis from One Tree Hill and Chandler from Friends. Like Brooke I'm always miserable in love. All my friends have boyfriends (or girlfriends) and I'm the only one who's alone. But I'm not giving up on love, 'cuz I know some day it will find me just like it found Brooke. I mean when something awesome is happening to her, I know there is a chance that something nice could happen to me too. And Chandler is funny and weird, so am I. Haha also just like him I'm 18-years-old virgin, but lets hope this would change soon. So if anybody reads my blog, please tell me what are yours movie/series characters. =P
   Another thing I was thinking about is destiny and how much I hate her sometimes. I mean COME ON!!! How could she do this to us?! Today I saw (again) my net-services guy and I was like WOW. But I know I can't have him, 'cuz he's married with child.. and about 10 years older than me (but that last one doesn't bother me). So why does fate shows us such incredible creatures, when we can't have them?!?! How did I deserve that? What have I done?  
   I think that's all for now. See you soon bloggers.

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