Friday, October 1, 2010

Ahhh Enrique

So a few days ago was Enrique Iglesias concert in Bulgaria... for the first time he visited our country and … there is no way to not share with you guys my experiences and emotions.  First of all I have to say that I’ve never loved Enrique but I’ve always respected and liked him and considered him as a very positive and nice person. After that night everything changed (for good of course). Now for me this guy is … much more, I adore him, I adore his stage presence and the way he connects with the crowd.
Unlike Rihanna we didn’t have to wait for him for two hours. Yes we waited half an hour but only because he was supposed to get on stage at 9... and he was there at 9:05. Only 5 minutes late! This man despite how famous he is, didn’t exalted himself  and he know what it feels like to wait in the rain to see one of the biggest stars at the moment. He didn’t overrated himself that he is something more than the ordinary people and he continues to be a normal person and to act like one even on stage, for which I admire him and congratulate him.
            The way he blows the crowd is absolutely unbelievable! Every little thing which he did he didn’t do it just like that so he can sing a few songs and then take the money and go home, he did it for the crowd! And the end … when he toke up a random girl from the crowd and... and sang personally to her “Hero” … it was so intimate and romantic … I still don’t know how this girl didn’t lost conscious... I know it wasn’t me up there but I felt everything with her.
            What the hell I’m doing? I’m trying to describe you with words something which is unexplainable if you weren’t there and didn’t feel it. You didn’t feel the euphoria, the adrenalin, the excitement of every single person in the crowd. I’m sure people will talk about that for a looong time.
            After all if you weren’t there (or any other Enrique concert) you sure missed a lot!  

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