Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life is not a movie...

    "Life is not a movie. Good guys lose, everybody lies, and love does not conquer all."
    How much truth there is in this words. And with every year the hope that there is happy ending for the good girls and boys vanishes little by little. This quote is from a movie from 1994 .. since then 16 years have passed. If people then were thinking that  it's hard why don't they take a look at our lives now - a jungle. Even at the jungle it's easier. Every animal has it's own way of attracting the other gender and it depends on different things - appearance, dance, song, overpower - and what about us? To us it's all about who's better player, who will offer more of themselves, who is a bigger ho and whose wallet is bigger. Is that important now? Where are the values, where is the love .. ok forget the love, where are the values? Where are the important stuff which make us happy - tenderness, care, the touch from the love one, his kisses ...
       Yes truly life isn't a movie 'cuz in the movies everything's perfect, there're all of the deceptions about love, good guys, honesty, but now even the movies are conquered by the ugly truth. Now good guys don't win the girl of their dreams (who usually is their best friend), no they stay with broken hearts while she's gone to some jerk 'cuz the bigger asshole you are more chicks are all over you. Everybody lies and that's what sells. And love ... hah .. it is said that every one of those movies is about romance but not about the pure and irreplaceable one, tender one, the one which makes your stomach turns when you think about your lover's finger across your skin. but the broken, corrupt, tainted one which they call love but it isn't even close to the real deal.
    Life is not a movie .. and sooner you realize it easier it would be to become a reckless  bitch or two-faced player and you will be "happy" behind the mask of the stereotype.

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