Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I middle finger you

    Ah once again I was a witness of something desperate. Fairly cute guy running after one of those girls with fake hair and artificial intelligence. I know that they are easy and that's one of the things that attract boys - you will get late on the second day (if she manege to wait until then) but why would guys do that to themselves? Aren't they disgusted? When they kiss wouldn't her 'daub' fell off? Or is it that they are so in cast that their face is frozen under the letter 'O'. Agrh. Boys you better buy a sex doll - she won't spray daub on you, doesn't talk and makes sex whenever you want - her head never hurts.
    No seriously I got so desperate of the other sex. Don't get me wrong there are some good and awesome guys but they are not my type. STOP! Don't judge me and tell me that I don't have to chose and to take whatever life gives me, because I've had my mistakes and I know what I want, how I want it and why I want it. But really I don't get why most of the boys chase those bimbos. I know that they are easier because you can't argue with something that can't find some good arguments (if she find any). But why? Don't you dream about more? Don't you dream about someone like you? Someone with whom you'll have fun, fight, go wild but always understood and you can figure your problems without ugly pictures and phrases ... Or perhaps you've lowered your standards that much that you're ready to give up everything just for some meaningless sex?
    I'm desperate. So desperate that this June on the music fest I'm gonna find as many as possible hot boys and fuck them all. Oh am i cynical? Do you feel offended? Well welcome on my side of the things.

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