Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boys ..

Today for a countless time I was convinced that if a cute guy is not taken or gay than he must be unbelievably stupid or maniacal perv. Eventually there can exist 2-3 normal guys, but lets get back to the main idea. It happen some boys to be more stupid than others or to be freaks that’s even cool, or to be pervs, they all are it’s their nature. But when things get mixed up the picture gets ugly.
            Let’s say you meet this awesome guy in a blog, dating site, facebook and you think how cool he is. You start a conversation and find out that you two have a lot in common, music, books, and movies for example. “Great” you think “Not only he is sexy but he also has a great taste.” You decide to move to the next step – Skype (or any program similar to that)! WOW!! Here is where you find our hero’s real identity. While you are talking about going to the sea and he offers you if you bump to each other there to buy you a drink and you suggest that you can even swim together and here comes the line “that way I could hid myself if something gets up”. You say to yourself that this is ok, he is a guy and that kind of things happen, it’s not fatal.  Yeah but few lines lower he offers you willingly to show you his winner. Wait! WHAT?!
            Yep dear ladies those are the risks to be alone searching for the perfect guy always facing one of a kind assholes. And I think that this is the better version because at least this one is not so stupid that you’re trying to find any logic or he is just unbelievably stupid. The line of his thoughts has so many turns and rest stops that it would be difficult even for a rally champion.
            But you can’t quit because somewhere between this crowd of wrong ones for which there is also a half also such nymphos , is walking your perfect man, not too perfect, just a guy with who you can talk and it’s not needed for any perversions .. Just someone who will understand you. And about his sexiness? Everyone has its own criteria; in someone’s eyes everyone’s beautiful. =]

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Across The Sky – Everywhere She Goes 
Jay Sean – Down 

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