Friday, July 9, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

   You know the World Cup, that one in Afrika, with the jabulani and vuvuzelas? Yah I know you do, let's face it it's a WORLD cup there's no way any normal person miss it. So I was watching the games, all the games and I have a few things to say. 
   I can't say much about the commentators, 'cuz I'm from BG and a few people would know what I'm talking about. But I bet that almost everyone of you guys has that annoying person, who thinks he knows everything, even the PIN of the players and he's a better player than anyone of them. I fuckin' hate that guy. 
   Anyways about the teams. I can't get it when you can't play, I mean you are in a bed shape and it's just not your world cup, and you have to blame the vuvuzelas and the jabulani. You are a professional player you shouldn't mind such things. 
   And what's with Pique? It's not that I don't like him, vice versa I like him a lot, but poor guy his luck just doesn't exist. He bleed on the field, he was kicked in the .. you know, he bleed again .. It's not fair ... 
  My favorite part is when the judge kicked out african goalkeeper. I laugh my ass off on that. And my other favorite part  is the game between Brazil and New Zealand. you know what I mean. ahha
  Now the octopus said that Spain will win and I trust him, even though I don' mind even if Netherlands win. Both teams deserve the cup. Who did you cheer for on this World Cup? 
And a little sth for everyone:

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