Friday, October 21, 2011


People think that feeling numb is not an option, that this is not a real thing, that you can't feel that way. But they are wrong. The fact that they don't understand, that they've never felt that way doesn't mean that this feeling doesn't exist. Actually Three Days Grace are right I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all. Because when you're numb, you don't feel anything. You don't feel the pain, you don't feel the disappointment, you don't feel alone. Although you know you're alone and you know you need someone, but you don't actually feel it. When you friends tell you that they love you, you don't feel anything, you're just unable to feel even love so strong. I hate myself when I'm like that, the feeling is worse than painful.

'I feel numb
I can't come to life
I feel like I'm frozen in time'
- Three Days Grace - World So Cold

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